Alloy wheel polishing

Rim Solutions provides polishing & buffing service for alloy wheel lips to a 100% chrome - like mirror finish - very effective if you want to stand out of the crowd and spice up your rims.

Drop in for an examination of your lips and within a short while we will know, how far we need to go to get them to shine again.

Depending from condition:
- deep scratches,
- missing chips,
- other shape issues,
- filiform corrosion,
- lack of shine.

The process of polishing and buffing varies, so if your lips are looking tired and there shine is long time gone and all round kerbing is wrecking your vehicles appearance call us today to discuss your options to get them shining again.

The process shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 days. We can supply you with spare set of wheels for your convenience.

Depends from the size of the rim, lip depth and also severity of the kerbing. Typical cost of polishing an alloy lip is 50-65 euro.

If its a split rim add 25 euro for putting it apart and back together.