Alloy wheel refurbishment and repair

After removing wheels from the car, tyres, old weights and valves are removed,each wheel is inspected for buckles, fractures and other imperfections. Customers are advised accordingly.

Wheels are immersed in chemical solution that will fully remove the old coatings. Times vary on individual wheels. At the end of this process wheels are washed clean , dried and taken for shot blast cleaning. Alloys that need straightening or TIG welding repair are done at this stage.

Wheels then undergo strict preparation where kerb damage & deep scratches etc, are removed prior to blast cleaning process, which not only cleans the wheel of all contaminants it also lightly etches the wheel for extra adhesion of new coating.

Wheels are fully degassed in the high temperature oven to be hot coated inside out using the latest state of the art powder gun technology that ensures a robust ultra smooth coat.

At this stage a variety of colours can be applied including OEM or custom finishes without limitations thanks to our paint mixing capabilities. A final coat of powder lacquer is then applied and oven cured for a hard wearing and durable finish.

Diamond cutting process is a premium service that offers the finest finish for your modern alloys.The surface of the wheel is precision cut on highly advanced CNC automatic lathe , leaving it with a  shiny cut face.  Wheels are then powder lacquered and once cooled  they are ready to be reunited with tyres, balanced up and fitted to your car.